xp-AntiSpy 3.98

Version 3.98 is now available for Download.

What changed:

  • Reworked setting Hide shortcut arrow because it was not always working on 64bit systems.
  • Removed setting Deny access to 16-Bit-Applications from Suggested profile
  • Fixed several errors occurring on 64bit systems
  • Added Feature:
    The menu Profiles now contains the entry Check profile at logon. If there’s a check mark in front of, the xp-AntiSpy will check the current selected profile everytime you logon to your system. If a setting does not conform¬†to that profile you will be presented a dialog window, asking to reapply the profile.
  • Added feature:
    Due to the amount of settings in the xp-AntiSpy it get’s complicated if you look for a special one. So I added a search field which can be enabled by selecting the menu Special>Show search field. Once you enter a search term it will be searched in all setting names and the according info text for that setting. Then only the matching settings will be presented to you in the overview. To reset the search, just press the escape key.

Greetings, -chris-


10 years of xp-AntiSpy

Today the xp-AntiSpy turned 10 years old. And I thought the Website could use a little redesign. Also I switched from using Joomla! as CMS to WordPress, because I got more comfortable with it in the last years.
The artwork for this Site was done by my close friend NeNAD, a graphic designer. He runs the Site 3volt.de. Big thanks to him for this work!

As always, I llook forward on you feeback about this redesign. Maybe I missed out on something. This site was tested on Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 7 and Safari 5 but it should look good on all modern browsers.

Best regards, -chris-


xp-AntiSpy 3.98 beta


i uploaded the beta version of xp-AntiSpy 3.98 so you can test it and give me feedback about it.

So what’s new:

  • In the menu ‘Profiles’ I added a feature to check the currently selected profile on every login. If a setting does not comply with the profile a dialog will come up a inform about the settings not in compliance, offering to correct these settings.
  • By now there are more than hundred settings presented by the xp-AntiSpy, thus it’s very complicated to find a special setting if you’re looking for one. So i added the possibility to filter the settings by a search term that only the settings which contain the search term will be displayed. You can display/hide this search bar just press ‘Ctrl+F’ or do it via the menu ‘Special->Show search field’

You can download the beta version here.


Greetings, -chris-

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