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Stop dem Gästebuch SPAM

Recently my guestbook got spammed by some automated scripts. To prevent that the old guestbook script was modified to ask the visitor for a 5-digit number he/she should type in to verify a real human sits behind the keyboard. Now … Continue reading

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Trojaner in xp-AntiSpy?

Once in a while i get mails from users of the xp-AntiSpy, who concern about their virus scanning application detecting a trojan horse in the file uninstall.exe. This is not a virus nor a trojan horse, nor any other bad … Continue reading

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xp-AntiSpy 3.95

Version 3.95 of the xp-AntiSpy is now available for download. At the moment there are only the German and the English translation available. The other languages will follow the next days hopefully. For details see the changelog.

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