Trojaner in xp-AntiSpy?

Once in a while i get mails from users of the xp-AntiSpy, who concern
about their virus scanning application detecting a trojan horse in the
file uninstall.exe.
This is not a virus nor a trojan horse, nor any other bad file.
To build the installation file for the xp-AntiSpy i use NSIS.
This is a free and open source installation scripting framework which
is used by many other projects to present a handy tool for installation
and uninstallation of the main program.
The file uninstall.exe is a part of the NSIS framework and contains no malware!
Mostly this false detection of a trojan horse is due to out dated virus scanners.
So please, not only for minimizing false detections, keep your virus scanner up to date!
For those of you, lacking a virus scanner, maybe because it’s payware, i suggest you to use AntiVir. A free copy at no cost can be downloaded for personal use.

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