xp-AntiSpy 3.96-5

Version 3.96-5 -final- is now ready to be downloaded.

Thanks to all the people that helped me a lot by sending feedback on the previous beta versions!

Relating to the last beta version, i basically changed the behaviour when running on Vista.
So far, when running the xp-AntiSpy on Vista it automatically started requiering administrative rights, you recognize that by the dialog thats pops up and asks for your permission. This is part of Windows Vista and is called User Account Control. I decided that it's better to let the xp-AntiSpy start with normal user privilleges, and get administrative rights only when it's needed.

So if you just want to check if every setting is in sync with the profile, you do not need to be administrator to do that.


If you start the xp-AntiSpy, all the settings that need admisitrative rights will have a little overlay icon in the shape of a lock. This idicates that this setting is readable, but not changeable.


If you want to change a setting which needs administrative rights, you can restart the xp-AntiSpy with the required permission by clicking 'Special->Administrative mode' in the menu bar.


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