xp-AntiSpy 3.97-4

It’s done, the xp-AntiSpy in my opinion is stable to be released as version 3.97-4.


  • ¬†improved the detection of all mediaplayer versions and their settings.
  • This version is now compatible with Windows 7
  • Added little ad from my sponsor eBay to the application.

Although this changelog desn’t look very big, it was a lot of work, to add support for Windows 7.
I hope you do not get upset about the now included ad from my sponsor eBay. But I invest a lot of my free time in the xp-AntiSpy and also I have to pay for my domains, webspace and traffic. So if you visit my sponsor you can help me to keep up developing the xp-AntiSpy without donating any money.
Don’t misunderstand the xp-AntiSpy goin’ adware. This is not gonna happen. None of your private data will be transmitted if you visit my sponsor. A browser will open, and you will be directed to my sponsor redirection script ( http://www.xp-AntiSpy.org/sponsor.php?type=p&search=”your search term” )¬† nothing more and nothing less will happen.
You also can close this litte ad by clicking on its close button.

If you feel you have to give me some feedback about this or other things concerning the xp-AntiSpy, you’re welcome to contact me at any time.

Greetings, -chris-

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